Tips for Improving Blog Posts

05 Apr

When you are online as many hours in the day as I am, it is bound to happen.

With the world blogging their knowledge to anyone and everyone formatting mistakes abound and potentially reduce a blogger’s online reputation and credibility.An error here and there is one thing, but several errors, post after post after post?!! That is enough to turn readers away, no matter the strength of the writer and blogging.

So what is a blogger to do? Following are a few tips for improving blog posts:

Research. Take the time to research your subject with relevant information. Something Google recently introduced on their search engine is the ease of narrowing down search options to display more timely results. (Click on “Show Search Tools” on the left and when the drop down menu appears, select your time-line relevancy.) It is imperative to ensure you use the most up to date info available. When I want the most up to date information about available computer CPU’s I want to know about the newest ones available. Same goes for any topic you research. With so many blogs online vying for your audience’s attention, why give them old, outdated info? Well, you can, but it will not serve to further your credibility as a blogger and online authority.

Proofread. Find someone to proofread your post BEFORE they are scheduled for publication. Catching errors before publication is preferred. It is the same as protecting a brand or image. How do you expect to be taken seriously when you come off as the one who skipped 10th-grade English class? Having someone to proofread your posts will make all the difference, catch errors missed by Microsoft Word and increase your credibility.

Format. The formatting of blog posts can attract or drive away readership. Proper formatting of blog posts makes reading easier on the reader’s eyes. Formatting is a skill some have while others just don’t. (If you don’t, I know a VA who can help you.) For example one formatting error I come across often is the over [formatting] emphasis. Rather than bolding, underlining AND italicizing a heading or subheading in the post, utilize the heading options. Within WordPress specifically, these headings are formatted particularly for your blog’s theme.

We all have different skills. Allow your skills to shine through, even if it means having someone else format and proofread your posts.

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